Colombia Narino Aponte Honey Process

The village of Aponte is located in the Department of Narino in the southwest region of Colombia. The Pacific Ocean lies to the west and Ecuador to the south. It is one of the highest regions in the Colombian Andes Mountains, peaking at 2400masl. The Galeras volcano in the region remains active, covering the area in ash and minerals. A majority of Colombia’s coffee is washed, but recently there has been more experimentation with alternative processing methods. This coffee was depulped and dried with mucilage on the seed. Drying the seed this way increases the sweet and fruity flavors of the coffee. This represents the honey processing style. Washed coffees would be fermented in tanks in order to remove the mucilage from the outside of the seed. By avoiding fermentation, a large amount of water waste is avoided.


Source: Patrick McKeown

Notes of caramel cream, snapdragon apple and cherry pie filling

Origin: Narino, Colombia

Processing: Honey