Yes, you do need coffee.

When launching our initial coffee menu, we felt we had to pick a direction.  We focused on smooth and sweet coffees with medium body.  However after receiving feedback from some of our customers, we realized that we needed coffees that would appeal to the bold/heavy body coffee drinker.  It is very important for us to have a coffee for everybody, and we hope that this is a step in that direction.  Thank you very much to our customers that took time to give us insight into their coffee preferences and offer invaluable advice. We are very grateful!

We are now offering two new blends Mighty Forces and B'more Bold (Hey, Baltimore friends!), and a single origin Sumatra. 

If there is any of you that have purchased our coffees and feel that you might prefer these new coffee, please let us know and we will send some to you.  Thank you so much.