We are Julie and Derek Freidell, the owners/founders of Gracefully Coffee Roasters, Inc.

The dream of opening a coffee roasting facility began in 2002 in Miami Beach. It was then that Derek bought his first coffee roasting machine, the i-roast. He started roasting coffee on his back porch in Miami Beach for himself and friends/family. He would get many comments and inquiries as people would pass by his back porch. It was a favorite morning routine  to wake up, roast coffee outside and make his morning espresso. 

In 2012, Julie and Derek met in south beach completely by chance, on a rainy day when Julie happened to seek shelter in Derek's bar on Ocean Drive.

After marriage, a couple of babies, and a few cross-country moves later, we ended up in Maryland (Julie's home state) to do something big.

So, here we are! Gracefully Coffee Roasters formed in late 2016 and officially launched at our roasting facility in October 2017.

Derek is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) for coffee roasting and is dedicated to providing exceptional coffee beans with high attention to detail.
Gracefully Coffee Roasters, Inc. upholds the highest standards of cleanliness, precision, quality, customer service, and passion for what we do. All of our coffees are specialty grade. We direct source from various importers and we are dedicated to quality of cup.

Wondering where we came up with the name Gracefully Coffee Roasters?

We are a family business, and we mean that. If you see us around, chances are you will meet our mini coffee employees, Celia Grace and Fiona Leigh. We had to recognize the two little people who inspired us to do more, go further, try harder and pursue our dreams.