Yes, you do need coffee.

Our First (not so) Gracefully arrival of Green Coffee
Okay, here we go. Imagine our excitement. 
We have our green coffee beans ordered and they're on the way to our facility.
Today is the day, people. We are filling our pallets with actual gigantic bags of coffee.
We will finally have our inventory!
Derek gets the call. The truck is here. Opens dock door.
There's the truck. BAM the truck door opens and this (Pictured above) is what he sees!!
(In case you're wondering what you're looking at (and why this is so shocking), this is a huge stack of 154 lb bags of green coffee that got a bit of a wild ride to us and have fallen over, come out of their shrink wrap, and are now on the floor of a truck. Not exactly how we expected our first round of beans to arrive.)
And, yes, the only word we can think of here, in this moment, is...gracefully.
Overall, a stressful 20 minutes but after we realized no damage was done to the bags and our coffee would be okay, we hoisted these babies onto fresh new pallets and placed them safely onto our pallet racking. 
Here they are in their new home. Don't they look happy?
What did we learn today?
No use crying over spilled beans.
Unless of course they actually did literally spill out, then we cry.