Finca La Vega
Finca La Vega Finca La Vega Finca La Vega Finca La Vega Finca La Vega

This single origin Colombian coffee comes to us directly from Yolima Taborda Rojas and her family's farm- Finca La Vega in Amaga Town, Antioquia, Colombia.

The coffee farm Finca la Vega was founded in 1992 by Jairo Taborda and Stella Rojas whom after getting married decided to buy a small piece of land in a Colombian mountain located 1900 meters above sea level. Both Jairo and Stella grew up surrounded by coffee which had been family business for three generations, therefore their decision on taking this path.

Today, Finca La Vega has a plantation of 13.000 trees and the family has grown up to 5 members, two sons and one daughter whom are also 100% involved in the family business. The advantage of having highly nutritious soil and an exceptional weather gives the coffee from Finca La Vega a combination of qualities that reflect in a clean, sweet and fruity enjoyable cup.

• Producing family: Taborda Rojas Family
• Origin: Colombia
• Subregion: Southwestern Antioquia - Amagá Town
• Elevation: 1.800 – 1.900m above sea level
• Varietal: Arabica Castillo Rosario
• Cupping score: 87
• Processing Method: Fully washed with clean mountain water
• Fermentation time: 36 hours approximately. It can variate depending
on weather.