Dilly Dally Iced Tea
Dilly Dally Iced Tea Dilly Dally Iced Tea

Our loose iced tea blend is made with 100% specialty grade black tea. This blend is a uniquely brisk, malty tea with notes of caramel. Our hope is that Dilly Dally Iced Tea aids in your enjoyment of a warm, sunny, relaxing day. 

Brewing Instructions: Fill Finum Floating Tea Basket (must be purchased with first bag of tea) with 1/3 oz tea per quart of water. Bring filtered water to a boil. Remove from heat. Place floating tea basket in water and let steep 5 minutes. Refrigerate. Serve over ice.

Ingredients: Black Tea

 7 oz

**Please note that this product has changed this year. We no longer package in tea sachets, however, it includes much more product (7 oz rather than 3 oz). This is loose tea which is why you must purchase the floating tea basket, which is made for this type of tea, with the first bag.**