Did anyone else read the book Jamberry as a kid?

It's a story about a boy and a bear adventuring and all types of berries they encounter. After you read it, you just can't help but want lots and lots of berries. We hope the flavor notes and description of our Jamberry blend has the same affect on you.

This blend combines several of our single origin coffees which are fruit forward on their own but when combined, create something sweet, yet very smooth.

From your first sip, you will taste the jam-like berry flavors followed by a smooth chocolatey, nutty finish.

We curated this blend to please:

  • The ones with a sweet tooth
  • Lovers of high quality light bodied blends
  • Those with an appreciation for our carefully chosen single origin coffees.

Origins: Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Costa Rica

Flavor notes: Mixed berry jam, honeyed apricot and chocolate covered almonds.

Can you resist giving it a try? We hope not.